Fantastic Planet Trk 2 (?)

After sometime... These is my experiments with electronic music. I intend to put it on soundtrack context. …

Pep Pep

Pep Pep puts pep in my step so maybe it will in yours!

Disenchantment (Trips666)

On this track i was messing about with Cthulhu vst and routing through it. I made …

Stereophonic Sound (Trips666)

Love Hard House? I do, so in this track I was inspired by some of my …

Fresh Air (Trips666)

The story: So for over 15 years now i have been using a program called Fruity …


Cool electronic sounds with nice vocals.

What’s Up

Made with the help of the music app Figure.

Mad & Confused

Respect to Technikal, Mark French, Reece Low & Joel Fletcher.

Check Da Bass

Respect to Ultimate Buzz, Sash!, Olly James &Jaivaro Download for free on The Artist Union:

Stephanie Raye – Galaxies (FANATICS Remix)

With the comforting vocals of the beautiful Stephanie Raye blended with the energetic, electric-cinematic production …


Solo is the 5th single from my album DEMO and the 7th song overall.