Ballad Of Uncle J.R.

Russell McLain pays tribute to his late uncle with The Ballad of Uncle JR. The …

Texas Soul

The title track is a thumping, soulful tribute to the Masters of Texas songwriting, …

The Ballad Of Brushy Bill Roberts

The Ballad Of Brushy Bill Roberts, a demo he recorded back in 2005 that has …

Once In A Blue Moon

We all get fed up with the mundane trappings of life, then occasionally we get …


this/it's a game of conscious not survival


my philosophy, the only choice we're given is God is everything or non-existent, there can only be …

Singing Sad Songs

Just an upbeat take on "Moving ON."


Love, pop, country, classic country, honky tonk, upbeat.

Why don’t I print photographs anymore?

This one's the love song. Love that most definitely didn't work out. Never really started. …

Unsung Heroes

Fast paced Country song with some awesome guitar work!