How to boost your SoundCloud for FREE

Want to get people listening to your music?
There are lots of new ways to get more hits and more plays on your SoundCloud tracks. You can purchase plays, comments, followers. Now this works if you want to get numbers, but if you want people to actually listen to your music, to enjoy it, to download it so they can show their friends, there is an easier way to get people interested in your music!

It’s called Hypeddit
It’s a free website that actually gets people to share your music if they like it. It’s not like a spam, website that relies on bots re-posting your music to their 0 follower profiles, its actually real people sharing music to real people. We were skeptical at first, so we decided to try it. We had our resident podcast DJ post his songs through and just left it. But when his followers starting liking his music, it showed the amount of people that actually started to like and download his music because they wanted to download it, that then expanded to all their followers and so on and so on.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.14.14

In only 24 hours we managed to get to 50 new people (real people) wanting to download his remixes, which was a lot more than just the 2-3 download per day he got just through SoundCloud’s download button.

Now we know it’s nothing that is going to launch your music into the 1,000,000’s of hits that you wish for, but for a FREE service that doesn’t require any work to gain follows and likes, we think it’s worth a go. Check out Hypeddit and see if you get as many followers & likes as us.

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