25 Band Tips To Get Your Band’s Name Out there (January)

  1. Share your blog with your social networking sites.
  2. Visit and comment on the same blogs that your fans use.
  3. Leave comments on blogs related to your genre and musical interests.
  4. Join Forums, they aren’t dead yet! And they are very good for focused discussion.
  5. Create a V.short, snappy, eye catching signature that includes your band’s name and URL for blogs and forums.
  6. Answer questions in genre related blogs and forums.
  7. Occasionally use a question for the title of your blog and forum posts.
  8. Please Note: What you actually have to say in blogs and forums, will promote your band’s name better than the link back contained within your signature, so don’t be put off if the blog or forum doesn’t allow links.
  9. Get yourself a Website iPower Website Hosting – I am an affiliate.
  10. Kill the competition with an original website topic/theme.
  11. Introduce a new angle into your website, weave in the theme of your next album.
  12. Sort out your Meta Tags. Need help? See: Meta tag generator – don’t understand about meta tags? Shoot me an email for more help.
  13. Check your TITLE tags: Keep the title tag short. Put your band’s name first if it’s a common one – last if it’s not, use lowercase and no punctuation. e.g: “rock band reading – the flying footstools”
  14. Check your DESCRIPTION meta tags: A short readable sentence with minimal punctuation of no more than 150 characters including spaces. Put your band’s name first, use lowercase, only use one comer and end with a full stop. e.g: “the flying footstools are an indie rock band from reading berkshire, first saturday of each month we play open-mic at the black duck in henley on thames.”
  15. Check your KEYWORDS meta tags: Only include the most frequently used keywords contained within the title, description and the webpage, use lowercase. e.g: “the flying footstools, rock band, reading, berkshire, black duck, henley on thames”
  16. Don’t use the same meta tag contents / information for every webpage, it should be targeted.
  17. Include your band’s name in the AUTHOR meta tag: Helps with authenticity (also, put the email address within an <address></address> tag).
  18. Unify your web presence by creating a simple, bold and easy to recognize: avatar and/or logo, banner image, flyers – think branding, consistency and identity.
  19. Promote your band’s name by setting up a music store. See: How To Sell Music Online also: Marketing Music With Affiliate Marketing.
  20. Create an Online Promotion Package or an Electric Promotion Kit… Whatever… See: Online Promotion Package.
  21. Link to bands (same or complementary genre) from your website and blog, talk about your gigs with them, use photos.
  22. Aim to build an online community: website, blog, combined with an email newsletter.
  23. Keep it very local to start with, it’s easy to get your name out locally, then spread the word wider and wider as you naturally grow.
  24. Include a “Bookmark This Page” link – easy with JavaScript, ask for more details.
  25. When asking for a link back, always provide your link code – think about your keywords.


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