25 Band Tips To Get Your Band’s Name Out there (February)

  1. Aim to be found for something else other than your band’s name, like: YourGenre + YourLocation.
  2. Never rely solely on the social media, get a website.
  3. Keep your website up-to-date and of the now.
  4. Create individual landing pages for each of your songs.
  5. Make your website easy to read – no text::background clashing or transparency confusion issues.
  6. Make your website easy to navigate by using a uniform layout and textual links.
  7. Create a link page to your reviews and your reviewers.
  8. Speed-up the download time of your website and put your most important message centre screen.
  9. Use search engine optimisation (SEO) to promote your band’s name. See: SEO on Band Promotion Blog
  10. Search for keywords related to your genre and band’s name, use them on your website.
  11. Publish an eBook of your music, lyrics, poems, artworks and photographs.
  12. Write an eBook for each of your albums.
  13. Translate your lyrics into foreign languages.
  14. Create a simple brochure. Use it as part of your goodie bag.
  15. Create a newsletter about your band, genre, etc., publish once a month.
  16. Start your first database/emailing list by pooling your band members’ email address books.
  17. Send out your first email-shot, *give* everyone your latest mp3 – Ask Them To Share It.
  18. All band members email addresses should include your band’s website address: [email protected] – now every time you email you’re advertising your website.
  19. Write a press release and post it to Record of the Day – Paul needs talking to first.
  20. Send press releases and news articles to free press release distribution services – [registration required] premium services/ paid versions always available! Good for short term exposure. I’ve got a little list, please ask.
  21. Invite super-fans to review your music and gigs, good or bad, include them on your website or blog.
  22. Create an extensive photograph gallery of your fans.
  23. Post an advertisement/ flyer in your local news paper window (if they’ve got a shop outlet).
  24. Target local press with articles, press releases, news…
  25. Also try the specialist music press with same…


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